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See Mona's Isle from miles high

Jeeagh er Ellan Vona veih meeillaghyn heose

Ta colught-fillym Ellanagh er vockley magh eiyrtys yindyssagh jeh fer jeh ny filmyn jeant echey, ren creck dy mie erbashtal.

Va shamraigyn er droneyn ymmydit dy mooar ec Duke Video, dy yannoo Mannin veih'n Air (Isle of Man from  the Air). Va'n chied chur-magh jeh currit magh ayns nuy cheead jeig, kiare feed as nuy-jeig.

Ta'n jantagh Duke Video er nyialdyn fillym jeh 'buill nagh row rieau fakinit roïe', chammah as buill ard-ghooagh - ooilley jeant veih keeadyn dy hrieyn heose.

See Mona's Isle from miles high

An Island film company has announced a striking sequence to one of its best-selling features.

Drone-mounted cameras have been used heavily in the creation of Duke Video's Isle of Man From the Air, the first edition of which was released in 1999.

Producer Duke Video has promised footage of 'places never seen before' as well as famous landmarks - all shot from hundreds of feet above.

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