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See wonders of the universe in Onchan

Jeeagh er yindyssyn y tunney ec Kione Droghad

Va (as ta) caa dy gheddyn keeall chionnit jeh aalid y speyr syn oie, ayns hiar yn Ellan yn çhiaghtin shoh.

Va (as ta) Sheshaght Rollageydys Vannin cummal tree 'Fastyryn Fo ny Rollageyn', Jelune, Jemayrt as Jecrean ec Pairk Chione Droghad voish shiaght er y chlag.

Foddee adsyn kionfenish gymmydey fodreayrtanyn niartal yn Çheshaght, dy yeeaghyn er yindyssyn, gollrish Neeal Orion, Mart, Badlag as galaksee Andromeda - ooilley nastee dy bollagh.

Va shoh (as ta shoh) croghey er yn emshir - myr shen, oddagh (ny oddys) bodjallyn trome ny fliaghey cur sheear ny h-immeeaghtyn.

Mark Henthorne ass yn Çheshaght, hoilshee eh magh yn oyr dy vel yn Phairk gyn foiljyn.

See wonders of the universe in Onchan

There was (and is) a chance to experience the beauty of the night sky in the east of the Island this week.

The Isle of Man Astronomical Society was (and is) holding three 'Evenings Under the Stars' on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at Onchsn Park from 7pm.

Attendees can use their powerful telescopes to view wonders such as the Orion Nebulus, Mars, Venus and the Andromeda galaxy - all completely free.

The event was (and is) weather-permitting, so heavy cloud cover or rain could have resulted (could result) in proceedings being postponed.

The Society's Mark Henthorne explained why the Park is an ideal location.

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