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Sewage treatment strategy gets £23.5 million

Strateish er glenney sornaigys cosney £23.5 millioon

Coardail Tinvaal lesh un aigney

Ta Tinvaal er choardail lesh un aigney ceau mysh £23,500,000 son Lught-Reill Bun-Shirveishyn Vannin dy chooilleeney y strateish ardynagh er glenney sornaigys.

Ta enn er ve currit er ynnyd ayns Purt ny Hinshey son obbraghyn-glennee sornaigys, agh ta coloayrtyssyn tannaghtyn ayn ayns Balley Drine as Laksaah.

Ta'n dean dy chur lhiettrymys er mooynlagh aw goll er pumpal magh ayns Mooir Vannin.

Ta Caairlagh Bun-Shirveishyn Vannin, yn Fer Lhee Alex Allinson, gra, magh ass y vote, dy vod reddyn goaill toshiaght.

AS ALEX ALLINSON : Bee mayd goll er oaie tappee dy liooar. Nee mayd shirrey plannal – son shickyrys, bee treealtys plannal bentyn rish Purt ny Hinshey goll er oaie leah dy liooar, as bee'n dean ain ayns aght dy reaghey y conaant shen Jerrey Fouyir shoh cheet. As 'naght cheddin, ec y traa cheddin goll er oaie son Laksaah lesh conaant Mee ny Nollick. Myr shoh fod mayd goll er oaie lesh ooilley ny skeimyn shoh liorish jerrey y lught-reill shoh 'sy vlein 2021.

Unanimous Tynwald approval

Tynwald has unanimously approved spending of around £23,500,000 for the Manx Utilities Authority to complete the regional sewage treatment strategy.

A site at Peel has been identified for a treatment plant, but discussions continue at Baldrine and Laxey.

The aim is to stop raw sewage being pumped into the Irish Sea.

Manx Utilities Chair Dr Alex Allinson says the vote now means things can get moving.


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