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Shimmins - Tynwald should lead by example on climate change

Shimmins – lhisagh Tinvaal leeideil trooid sampleyr er caghlaa emshyraght

Gra dy vel feme er OCF-yn jannoo ny smoo

Ta OCF [Oltey yn Chiare as Feed] cur eam er olteynyn Tinvaal dy leeideil trooid sampleyr, bentyn rish y lorg carbon oc.

Loayr yn oltey son Middyl Bill Shimmins ayns soie Tinvaal Jemayrt (21 Mee Voaldyn), lurg da'n Ard Shirveishagh Howard Quayle soilshaghey magh dy jinnagh plan son jantys dy chooney dy streeu rish caghlaa emshyraght goll roish y whaiyl Mee ny Nollick.

As eh loayrt rish Radio Vannin lurg yn soie, dooyrt Mnr Shimmins – ren insh dooin dy vel eh troailt er e roar wheesh as oddys shen ve jeant – dy vel feme er e chumraagyn jannoo ny smoo.

AS BILL SHIMMINS : Er-lhiam, dy cadjin, tra ta'n theay toiggal y gyere-cheim er caghlaa emshyraght, ny ta feme er politickeyryn jannoo, shen ayns rieughid dy hoaigh sampleyr. Myr shoh, er-lhiam, son politickeyryn dy loayrt dy cooie, shen ta dy kinjagh aashagh, agh, my vees shin laccal dy yeeaghyn barrantoil as dy ve ry chredjal, eisht ta feme ain neesht er aghtey dy cooie. 


Claims MHKs need to do more

An MHK is calling for Tynwald members to lead by example, when it comes to their carbon footprint.

Middle member Bill Shimmins spoke during Tuesday's Tynwald sitting (21 May), after Chief Minister Howard Quayle revealed an action plan for helping to tackle climate change would go before the court in December.

Speaking to Manx Radio after the sitting, Mr Shimmins - who's told us he commutes on his bicycle as much as possible - said his colleagues need to do more:

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