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Shooter Kneale scoops silver at the Gold Coast

Lhiggeyder Kneale cosney argid er y Choose Airhey

Chied voyn son fwirran Ellan Vannin

Ren lhiggeyder Ellanagh Tim Kneale cosney boyn argid ayns kione-chloie y lhiggey Ribbey Dooble ayns Gammanyn y Cho-Unnaneys er y Choose Airhey Jecrean (11 Mee Averil).

Ren Tim streeu rish y chosneyder David McMath ass Nalbin.

Ny s'leaie 'sy laa hooar eh qualleeaght 'sy trass ynnyd 'syn ynnyd lhiggey Belmont, lesh skensh jeh 135, choud's hug Jake Keeling jerrey er 'sy 17oo ynnyd ooilley cooidjagh, as skensh jeh 111 echey.

Ta Tim yn chied chohirreyder Manninagh dy chosney nah voyn 'syn immeeaght, lesh ooha ayns Delhi, nish argid er y Choose Airhey.

Dooyrt traeneyr Tim, Ed Barker, dy row jannoo aarloo roish ny Gammanyn er chur undin mie da:

AS ED BARKER: T'eh er ve dy feer ny phrowalys nearag er-nyn-son ooilley mooie ayns shoh. T'eh er ve ymmyrkey feanish da'n obbyr creoi echey as e yannoo aarloo, as tannaghtyn lesh yn starr. Y jannoo aarloo va jeant ain, s'cosoylagh eh dy row eh cooney lesh 'sy vout s'jerree shen. As she, she'n jannoo aarloo echey ta er chur-lesh eh ny hrooid fy yerrey.

Shooter Kneale scoops silver at the Gold Coast

First medal for team Isle of Man

Island shooter Tim Kneale won a silver medal in the final of the Double Trap shooting at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games on Wednesday (11 April).

Tim battled it out against winner David McMath from Scotland.Earlier in the day he qualified in third place at the Belmont shooting centre, with a score of 135, whilst Jake Keeling finished 17th overall, scoring 111.

Tim is the first Manx competitor to win a second medal at the event, with bronze in Delhi, now silver at the Gold Coast.

Tim's coach Ed Barker said preparation before the Games had set up him up well:

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