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Should the Isle of Man ban using hands free phones when driving?

Lhisagh Ellan Vannin cur lhiettrymys er ymmydey chellvaneyn laueyn seyrey tra gimman?

Eam woish Olteynyn Ard-Whaiyl y Reeriaght Unnaneysit cur resoonaght er bun ayns Ellan Vannin

Oddagh lhiettrymys ve currit dy leah er ymmydey shooyleeyn 'laueyn seyrey' tra gimman, lurg preays veih kuse dy Olteynyn yn Ard-Whaiyl 'sy Reeriaght Unnaneysit.

Ta leighyn ec Ellan Vannin cosoyley rish ayns ny lughtyn-reill naboo er ymmydey chellvaneyn ayns gleashtanyn – t'eh neu-leighoil dy ymmydey shooyleeyn cummit 'sy laue, lesh final wheesh as £2,500 as kiare poyntyn er nyn gied imman.

Agh ta gymmydey laueyn seyrey kiart cheusthie jeh ny reillyn.

Agh, vel eh sauchey?

Loayr Alex Wotton rish Mike Bristow jeh'n cheshaght yiastyllagh son sauchys raaidey Glackan [Brake]:

AS MIKE BRISTOW : Yn un red dy feer lhisagh oo cur dty laueyn er, shen er y wheeyl stiuree, y vaidjey geer ny'n ghlackan laue. Er-lhimmey jeh shen, cha lhisagh oo ayns rieughid ve cur red erbee elley ayns dty laueyn tra gimman. Bentyn rish shooylagh, s'cummey vel y chellvane, t'ou toiggal, dy jeeragh ayns dty laue ny vel oo loayrt stiagh ayns cullee Feeackle Gorrym [Bluetooth] ny cullee laueyn seyrey ny cre erbee, she boirey yn eam as ta'n eiyrtys jeh fy yerrey dy vel geill yn immanagh tuittym ersooyl veih'n raad, as foddee yn eiyrtys jeh shen ve smoash, as smoash baasoil cummyssagh neesht.

Myr shoh, ny ta shin geearree gra rish immanee, shen, 'Jeeagh, jean jeeraghey ooilley dty gheill er imman; cur dty hooylagh ass shilley, ass smooinaghtyn, as jean veg agh jeeraghey er y raad.  


Call from UK MPs sparks debate in Isle of Man

Using mobile phones 'hands free' whilst driving could soon be banned, after pressure from some MPs in the UK.

The Isle of Man has similar laws to the neighbouring jurisdictions on using phones in cars - it is illegal to use handheld mobile phones, with a fine of up to £2,500 and four points on your licence.

However using hands free is perfectly within the rules.

But, is it safe?

Alex Wotton spoke to Mike Bristow from the road safety charity Brake:

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