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Single use plastic ban for departments

Lhiettrymys er plastagh ymmyd singyl liorish rheynnyn

Plan son y reiltys 'dy hoiagh sampleyr'

Lhisagh y reiltys leeideil ayns jannoo ny sloo ymmyd jeh stoo plastagh ymmyd singyl - shen barel y Hirveishagh Chymmyltaght.

Nee Geoffrey Boot briaght jeh Tinvaal y chiaghtin shoh cheet dy phohlldal plan dy ghiarrey y towse dy stoo ta goll er ymmydey trooid rheynnyn.

Nee'n plan goaill stiagh lhiettrymys er cappanyn plastagh as lhiggey skeaylley balloonyn, as veagh criteria kionnee noa currit er bun, dy hur-smooinaghtyn er reihyn elley ta ry chummal seose ayns ynnyd jeh stoo plastagh ymmyd singyl.

Ta Mnr Boot gra, choud's ta feeuid son argid scanshoil, dy vel feme er cur geill da cooishyn y chymmyltaght.

AS MNR BOOT : Dy jarroo, my vees oo kionnaghey red ennagh, as oddagh ymmyd ve jeant jeh ny smoo na un cheayrt, foddee dy beagh eh jeeaghyn dy ve smoo costallagh, agh foddee dy beagh eh dy feer ny sloo costallagh 'sy traa sodjey. As ta feme ain er cur geill da'n chymmyltaght, as, dy firrinagh, rere y varel aym, my vees eh costal ping ny ghaa elley dy yannoo shen, shen myr bee eh. Son shickyrys, rere kionnaghey, shen fer jeh ny poyntyn hig dy ve  bentyn da 'sy traa ry heet.


Plan for government to 'set an example' 

Government should lead the way in reducing single use plastics - that's the view of the Environment Minister.

Geoffrey Boot will next week ask Tynwald to support a plan to cut the amount of the material used across departments.

The plan will include a ban on plastic cups and balloon releases, and see the introduction of new procurement criteria, to consider sustainable alternatives to single use plastics.

Mr Boot says, while value for money is important, environmental factors do need to be taken into account.

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