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Skate park plans for Douglas

Plannyn son pairk voayrd queeyllagh ayns Doolish

Oddagh yn Ellan geddyn pairk voayrd queeyllagh sthie noa sy vlein shoh çheet - my lhiggys planneyryn da'n çhalee goll er oi.

Ramp It Up, colught ta soit ayns Doolish, t'ad er hirrey kied dy chur y phairk voayrd queeyllagh er bun ayns steat jeidjyssagh er raad Kione Ghoolish ayns yn phreeu-valley.

Y kiaddeyder Alan Jones, t'eh jerkallagh dy noddagh yn phairk goll er fosley cho leah as Toshiaght Arree 2016, croghey er coardailys plannal.

T'eh gra dy vel eh credjal dy re red t'ayn dy vel feme er ve ec yn Ellan er son traa dy liooar.

Skate park plans for Douglas

The Island could get a new indoor skateboard facility next year - if planners give the project the green light.

Douglas-based company Ramp It Up has applied for permission to create the skate park in an industrial estate on Douglas Head road in the capital.

Founder Alan Jones he's hopeful it could open as early as next February, subject to planning approval.

He says he believes it's something the Island's needed for some time.

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