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Slow-moving vehicles continue roads survey

Carbid ta goll dy moal scrutaghey raaidyn

Possan dy charbid vooarey ta goll dy moal, t'ad scrutaghey raaidyn yn Ellan, as towse y niart oc.

Va toshiaght currit da'n obbyr Jelune, as hed ee er-oi gys shiaghtin Jeheiney (y chied laa as feed Mee Luanistyn).

Ta John Morgan gobbraghey sy phossan dy charbid.

T'eh gra dy jean ad nyn gooid share gyn y ve boirey rouyr er ymmydeyryn-raad.

Slow-moving vehicles continue roads survey

A convoy of several large, slow-moving vehicles is currently surveying the Island's roads, checking the strength of them.

The work began on Monday, and is due to go until a week on Friday (August 21).

John Morgan is working on the convoy.

He says they will do their best to be of as little inconvenience as possible to road users.

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