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Social value of Post Office recognised by Tynwald

Tinvaal cur enn er feeuid sheshoil yn Oik Postagh

Plannyn son y raad dy gholl 'sy traa ry heet dy ve jeant liorish Mee ny Nollick

Ec yn oik postagh ta'n varriaght lurg resoonaght Tinvaal er son y traa ry heet, shen barel Oltey yn Chiare as Feed hug leshyn y chooish gys shamyr y whaiyl. 

Ren Tim Baker yn chiaghtin shoh cur eam er politickeyryn dy chur enn er feeuid sheshoil y cho-heshaght.

Nee boayrd yn oik postagh nish cur lesh plannyn son y raad dy gholl 'sy traa ry heet liorish Mee ny Nollick mleeaney.

Ta Mnr Baker gra dy nee cooish ee ta jeh scansh da boodeeys Vannin.

AS TIM BAKER : Er-lhiam dy vel fys dy dowin ec pobble Ellan Vannin dy vel yn oik postagh feer, eer scanshoil, as t'ad geearree breeoilid braew mie er-e-hon 'sy traa ry heet.  As t'eh ny lhie er Tinvaal as er boayrd yn oik postagh dy chur er caghlaa son yn traa shen ry heet. Myr shoh, er-lhiam dy ren y resoonaght shoh dy feer ceau ard soilshey er cre cho scanshoil ta'n oik postagh, as ren eh soilshaghey magh dy baghtal dy vel feme er caghlaa, caghlaa jarrooagh.


Plans for future direction due by December 

The post office is the winner after a Tynwald debate on its future, that's the view of the Member of the House of Keys who took the issue to the floor of the court.

Tim Baker this week called on politicians to recognise the social value of the organisation.

The post office board will now bring forward plans for its future direction by December this year.

Mr Baker says it's an issue which matters to the Manx community.

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