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Steam Pacet consults over NI port

Paggad Bree shirrey coyrle mychione purt ayns Nerin Hwoaie

Ta'n Paggad Bree gra foddee dy jean eh  caghlaa e phurt ayns Nerin Hwoaie veih Beeal Feirshtey gys Laharney - my vees  y theay ayns foayr jeh'n phlan.

Gobbraghey ass Laharney, lowagh shen da lhongyn y Phaggad Bree gymmyrkey carbid ny smoo gys as veih Mannin na adsyn ec y traa t'ayn - carbid gollrish vannyn, thieyn queeylagh, carriadsyn as lught.

Ta'n colught gra dy jinnagh caghlaa purt foays da'n turrysid as y tarmaynys, agh t'ad goaill rish dy vel reddyn ayn t'ayns foayr jeh, chammah as reddyn noi echey.

Nish, ta'n colught er lunney creear d'eddyn magh ny ta'n theay coontey jeh, er y daa heu jeh Mooir Vannin.

T'eh goaill lieh-oor dy imman shiar-hwoaie gys Laharney voish Beeal Feirshtey, as Laharney ec slyst-marrey Aondram.

Ta'n Ard-Sheckter gra dy voddagh y phurt shirveishyn share y choyrt cosoylit rish Keiy Albert ayns Beeal Feirshtey, goaill stiagh shirveishyn-pashneyr er-lheh veagh ny share - shapp-caffee, shapp pabyr-naight, greie-argid as pairkal-gleashtan.

Shirveishyn-phurt Laharney, oddagh ad goaill carbid veagh foddey ny smoo na adsyn ta gymmydey yn reaish-chianglee ec Keiy Albert.

Dauesyn goll gys Beeal Feirshtey, oddagh vondeish y traa-shiaullee leodit ve millit beggan liorish foddid Laharney veih'n ard-valley - ga dy vel Laharney kianlt lesh Slyst y Taagher as dy vel lieen-raad as lieen-ard-raad Nerin Hwoaie ry-roshtyn veih Laharney.

Ta'n colught gymmydey Global Research dy yannoo creear theayagh tree-shiaghtin. Sleih t'er hiaulley eddyr Doolish as Beeal Feirshtey, t'eh jerkit dy jean adsyn goaill ayrn sy chreear.

Dooyrt Mnr Woodward: 'Ta shin smooinaghtyn dy noddagh gobbraghey trooid Laharney ve feer foaysagh da pashneyryn, y tarmaynys-turrysid as ny custymeyryn-lught ain, agh ta caghlaa erbee cur lesh vondeishyn as mee-vondeishyn. Myr shen, ta shin cur cuirrey da custymeyryn dy ghoaill ayrn sy chreear giare ain as cur nyn smooinaghtyn dooin'.

Steam Pacet consults over NI port

The Steam Packet says it may change its Northern Ireland port from Belfast to Larne - if the idea meets public approval.

Operating from Larne would allow Steam Packet vessels to carry larger vehicles to and from the Isle of Man than at present - such as vans, motor homes, coaches and freight.

The company says a port relocation could boost tourism and the economy, but admits there are pros and cons.

It's now launched a survey to find out what the public think, on both sides of the Irish Sea.

Larne lies 30 minutes drive north-east of Belfast on the Antrim Coast.

Chief Executive says the port could deliver enhanced services compared with Albert Quay in Befast, including dedicated passenger facilities - a coffee shop, newsagents, cash machine and car parking.

Larne's harbur facilities could accommodate much larger vehicles than can use the linkspan at Albert Quay.

For those heading to Belfast, the reduced sailing time could be offset by Larne's distance from the city - although it is connected to the Causeway Coast and has access to the Northern Irish road and motorway network.

The company's engaged Global Research to run a three week public survey, to which it's hoped people who've used the Douglas Belfast route will respond.

Mr Woodward said: 'We believe operating through Larne could offer real benefits to passengers, the visitor economy and our freight customers, but any change has advantages and disadvantages so we would invite customers to complete the short survey and let us know their thoughts'.

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