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Steam Packet offer is deal breaker

She brisheyder dellal çheb yn Phaggad Bree

Jiooldey çheb yn Phaggad Bree dy lhiantyn rish coyrt shirveishyn-marrey, ver shen er yn dellal dy ve tayrnit er-ash. Shen ny ta'n Paggad gra.

Ta shoh çheet roish treealtys ayns Tinvaal yn çhiaghtin shoh, ta geamagh son 'tooilley taggloo' marish obbreyderyn elley oddagh çheet rish roish my jig coonrey yn Phaggad Bree lesh yn reiltys gys jerrey ayns feed cheead, shey as feed.

Çheb ta feeu hoght feed as jeih millioon punt as goaill stiagh lhongyn noa as gioalteeyn dy vaihaghey argid dy h-ynnydagh, v'eh jeant blein er dy henney.

Yn Ard-Sheckteragh Mark Woodward, t'eh gra dy row yindys currit er dy row shirveishee kiarail yn çheb y yiooldey - agh t'eh gobbal dy ren yn Paggad Bree baggyrt.

Steam Packet offer is deal breaker

The Steam Packet says rejection of its offer to continue providing sea services will result in the deal being withdrawn.

It comes ahead of a Tynwald motion this week, which calls for 'further talks' with potential operators before the Steam Packet's contract with government runs out in 2026.

A £170 million offer, including new vessels and pledges for local investment was unvelied by the firm a year ago.

Chief Executive Mark Woodward says he was surprised by ministers' plans to reject it - but denies the Steam Packet was making threats.

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