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Stop consulting and take climate action now - Braddan Commissioners

Scuirr veih shirrey coyrle as jean immeeaght nish er caghlaa emshyraght – Barrantee Vraddan

Jessopp loayrt magh lurg fogrey 'geyre-cheim'

Ta'n caairlagh jeh lught-reill ynnydoil ren fograghey magh 'geyre-cheim er caghlaa emshyraght' er y gherrid, gra nagh vod politickeyryn ashoonagh tannaghtyn lesh cur shaghey y chooish derrey ny s'anmey.

Ta treisht ec Andrew Jessopp dy jean fogrey Barrantee Vraddan troggal seose tastey as mooireerey dy varel y theay dy chur er y reiltys jannoo immeeaght preaysagh.

T'eh cheet lurg lhunney jeh coyrle scrutee theayagh liorish y Rheynn Chymmyltaght, Bee as Eirinys, ta cur roish reayn dy eieyn er aghtyn oddagh cooishyn yn emshyraght ve goit ayns laue.

Ta Mnr Jessopp gra nagh nee agh jummal traa ta'n chreear, as dy voddagh y reiltys jannoo ymmodee caghlaaghyn ro-vreeoil 'laa ny vairagh' gyn shirrey coyrle.

As creeaght currit liorish obbyr ny lughtyn-reill ynnydoil 'syn Australia, t'eh gra dy vod barrantee reiht ec y theay goll er-oaie veih'n vun neese.

Lurg nyn vogrey, nee Barrantee Vraddan jeeaghyn er saaseyn noa 'syn offish oc jeh'n lheid as jannoo ymmyd sloo jeh ushtey as bree, as caghlaa polaseeyn kionnee dy yannoo shickyr dy vel ny 'screeunyn credjaltys chymmyltaghtagh' kiart ec coonreyderyn. 

Ren Naighteyr y Deynlaght Ynnydoil Ewan Gawne briaght jeh Mnr Jessopp oddagh co-chorp beg gollrish Barrantys Vraddan jannoo caghlaa.

AS ANDREW JESSOPP : Cha nee dy row caghlaa 'syn emshyraght er ve gyn yss da sleih. Ta shin loayrt mychione jeih bleeaney as da-eed, three feed blein, as ta sleih er ve loayrt mychione scughaghyn mooarey ayns cummaghyn yn emshyr as staydyn emshyraght.

Ta cre ny jeihyn dy huarastylyn er ve ayn. Quoid tuarastyl t'ou laccal roish my vees oo dy feer feme goaill toshiaght er toiggal dy vel shoh dy feer red ennagh t'ayns feme jeh immeeaght nish, as cha nee ynrican jeh tooilley coyrle? 


Jessopp speaks out after 'emergency' declaration

The chairman of a local authority which announced a 'climate change emergency' recently, says national politicians can't keep kicking the issue down the line.

Andrew Jessopp hopes Braddan Commissioners' declaration will build awareness and a groundswell of public opinion to influence government to take urgent action. 

It comes following the launch of a public consultation by the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture, which puts forward a range of ideas on how climate issues could be addressed. 

Mr Jessopp says the survey is a waste of time, and government could make a raft of proactive changes 'tomorrow' without consultation. 

Inspired by the work of local authorities in Australia, he says publicly-elected commissioners on the Island can make progress from the bottom up. 

Following their declaration, Braddan Commissioners will look at new office measures such as cutting back on water and energy usage, and changing procurement policies to ensure contractors have the right 'environmental credentials'. 

Local Democracy Reporter Ewan Gawne asked Mr Jessopp whether a small entity like Braddan Commissioners could make a difference.

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