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Stop 'continually taxing islanders', MHK pleads

Scuirr-shiu veih 'cur keesh dy kinjagh er ellanee', ta Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed guee

Ta Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed dy ghra dy nhegin scuirr veih dy kinjagh bishaghey keeshyn er cummaltee yn Ellan.

Va Rob Callister loayrt erreish da v'eh er ny chur mygeayrt dy beagh y raayt-ushtey bishaghey liorish 6.4 sy cheead.

T'eh gra dy row eh goaill yindys tra va'n bishaghey er ny eeraghey, as t'eh goaill rish dy vel eh milley paart jeh naight mie yn chlaare argidoil Manninagh y vee shoh chaie.

Stop 'continually taxing islanders', MHK pleads

An MHK claims the continual tax rises being imposed upon Island residents has to stop.

Rob Callister was speaking after a 6.4 per cent water rate hike was announced last week.

He says he was amazed when the increase was confirned and admits it undoes some of the good news from last month's Manx budget.

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