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Support for tourists who are stranded due to airline cancellations

Cooney son keayrtee vees goit er coontey scryssaghyn liorish lhuingys aer

Oltey yn Chiare as Feed gra dy vel jantys Cur Keayrt Er Ellan Vannin cooney

Ta cooney goll er cur da keayrtee vees feddyn magh dy vel ad goit ayns Ellan Vannin er coontey cumrail ny scryssey etlaghyn.

Shen yn chaghteraght veih Oltey yn Chiare as Feed as currym politickagh ersyn son yn turryssid.

Ta easyJet er scryssey earroo dy etlaghyn yn chiaghtin shoh – chammah's gys as veih'n Ellan – va skedjalit dy vaylartey keayrtee da'n TT.

Ta'n lhuingys aer er hirrey leshtal, cur yn foill er 'chymmyltaght obbraghey doolaneagh'.

Ta Rob Callister gra dy vel yn reiltys cur eab er cooney lhieusyn vees cheet dy ve goit: 

AS ROB CALLISTER : S'cronnal eh dy vel imneaghyn ain neesht mychione etlaghyn erbee vees er nyn gumrail ec y traa t'ayn, as er-lheh adsyn vees faagail yn Ellan, as cha nel mee agh geearree dy chur 'sy recortys my wooise firrinagh da'n jantys Cur Keayrt Er Ellan Vannin as da ooilley'n wirran vees gobbraghey da skimmee yn turryssid – t'ad tannaghtyn lesh cooney lesh troailtagh erbee nagh voddagh faagail yn Ellan ec y traa t'ayn er coontey etlaghyn vees er nyn gumrail ny er nyn scryssey. 


MHK says Visit Isle of Man agency is helping

Support is being provided to tourists who find themselves stranded on the Isle of Man due to flight delays or cancellations.

That’s the message from the MHK with political responsibility for tourism.

easyJet has cancelled a number of flights this week – both to and from the Island – which were due to transfer TT holidaymakers.

The airline has apologised blaming a 'challenging operating environment'.

Rob Callister says government is trying to assist those who get stuck:

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