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Swing bridge tower will not go to Douglas Council

Cha jean Coonceil Ghoolish toor droghad-cassee y ghoaill harrish

Cowrey-thallooin iconagh ayns Doolish, cha jean e lught-reill ynnydagh eh y ghoaill harrish.

Toor y Droghad-Cassee er y Chey Jiass ayns Doolish, heb y Rheynn Bun-Troggalys da Coonceil Ghoolish eh son tailley ennymagh.

Ren olteynyn briwnys dyn y droghad-cassee y ghoaill harrish, ny lurg da boirey goll er troggal mychione y costys jeh aa-lhiasaghey yn toor.

David y Christeen, Leeideilagh y Choonceil, t'eh gra nagh vod ad fendeil y costys da ny h-eeckeyderyn-keesh ynnydagh.

Swing bridge will not go to Douglas Council

An iconic landmark in Douglas will not be taken over by its local authority.

The Department of Infrastructure offered the Swing-Bridge Tower on South Quay to Douglas Council for a nominal fee.

Members decided against the move after concerns were raised about the amount it would cost to redevelop the tower.

Council Leader David Christian says they couldn't justify the costs to the ratepayers.

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