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Talks to continue on TT commentary contract

Coloayrtyssyn dy gholl er mychione conaant er coontey bio y TT

Callister soilshaghey magh yn oyr nagh vel agh conaant un-vlein goll er chebbal

Nee coloayrtyssyn eddyr Radio Vannin as reagheyderyn y TT, mychione conaant dy chur coontey bio son y TT as Feailley y Roaraght Bree mleeaney er chee goll er ny s'anmey 'sy chiaghtin shoh.

Ren yn Rheynn Gastid Dellal fograghey magh dy row coardail er y vun-eie er ve jeant eddyr y daa pharteeas fastyr beg Jelune (11 Mee Vayrt), roish feysht mychione y chooish ayns soie yn Chiare as Feed y laa er giyn (Jemayrt 12 Mee Vayrt).

Ta oltey politickagh 'sy rheynn lesh currym son y TT as spoyrt jeshaght, Rob Callister, gra dy vel conaant un-vlein yn un cheb ta ry gheddyn – er-coontey cooishyn politickagh:

AS ROB CALLISTER : Ny t'er ve ain neayr's y taghyrt ayns 2018, shen coloayrtys ta goll er lesh Radio Vannin, chammah's ec eaghtyr politickagh as ec eaghtyr ny oaseiryn, agh, 'sy chooylrey, ta feme ain er cur geill da'n tuarastyl shoh, dy vel feme er Radio Vannin cur cooish dellal back gys Tinvaal Jerrey Fouyir jeh'n vlein shoh.

Myr shoh cha nod mayd jannoo briwnys rolaue. Myr shoh, cha nod mayd goll magh dy hirrey chebbyn, as cha nod mayd chebbal conaant da Radio Vannin rish queig bleeaney, er yn oyr nagh vod mayd jannoo briwnys rolaue mychione ny voddagh Tinvaal dy ghra ny dyn, tra t'eh er n'gheddyn y tuarastyl veih Radio Vannin bentyn rish yn aght dellal echey goll roish 'sy traa ry heet.    


Callister explains why only a one-year deal is on offer

Talks between Manx Radio and TT organisers, over a contract to provide commentary for this year's TT and Festival of Motorcycling, are set to continue later this week.

The Department for Enterprise announced an agreement in principle had been reached between the parties on Monday evening, ahead of a question on the matter in the House of Keys the following day.

Political member in the department with responsibility for the TT and motorsport, Rob Callister, says a one year deal is the only available offer - due to political circumstances:

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