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Teaching union to ballot for strike action

Sheshaght cheirdey ynsee dy cheau teiy er stholkey

Ta SAMSSCMY er screeu rish reiltys 

Ta sheshaght cheirdey ynsee er screeu rish reiltys Vannin mychione plannyn dy chummal teiy mastey ny olteynyn eck er stholkey ny s’anmee ‘sy vee shoh.

Ta’n Reiltys gra dy dooar eh y screeuyn veih SAMSSCMY [Sheshaght Ashoonagh ny Mainshtyryn Scoill, Sheshaght Cheirdey ny Mraane Ynsee] Jeheiney.

‘Sy screeuyn eck, ta’n Cheshaght cheirdey coyrlaghey dy jean ee ceau teiy mastey 478 oltey veih 21 Jerrey Souree, bentyn da stholkey as jantys elley agh stholkey, er coontey argane mychione faill, pensionyn as errey obbree.

Dooyrt yn Cheshaght cheirdey dy jean ee ceau teiy mastey olteynyn, ta gobbraghey ayns scoillyn as ayns Colleish Olloo Scoill Ellan Vannin, mychione stholkey neu-veayn ‘sy lhing eddyr Mee Luanistyn 2020 as Toshiaght Arree 2021 as jantys beayn elley agh stholkey (gobbraghey rere reillyn) cheusthie jeh ny dateyn cheddin.

Ta’n argane er ve goll er rish 18 meeaghyn as haink barganeaghyn gy jerrey 17 Mee Vayrt lesh y cheb s’noa er faill er ny yiooldey liorish ooilley ny kiare sheshaghtyn keirdey ynsee.

Va chaglymyn elley er nyn gumrail choud’s va’n traa gaueagh syn Ellan er coontey y phandemagh dowanagh.

Ta’n Shirveishagh Ynsee yn Fer Lhee Alex Allinson gra dy vel eh “mollit dy row reaghys jeant ec SAMSSCMY dy hreeal stholkey.”


NASUWT has written to government

A teaching union has written to the Manx government over plans to ballot its members for strike action later this month.

Government says it received the letter from the NASUWT on Friday.

In its letter, the Union suggests it will ballot 478 members from 21 July, regarding strike action and action short of strike, due to a dispute over pay, pensions and workload.

The Union said it will ballot members, who work in schools and University College Isle of Man about discontinuous strike action during August 2020 to February 2021 and continuous action short of strike (work to rule) within the same dates.

The dispute has been ongoing for 18 months and negotiations ended on 17 March with the latest pay offer being rejected by all four teacher unions.

Further meetings were paused during the state of emergency on the Island due to the global pandemic.

Education Minister Dr Alex Allinson says he is "disappointed that NASUWT have decided to propose strike action."

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