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Tesco bins plastic bags

Tesco geddyn rey rish poagaghyn plastagh

Ta troddanagh çhymmyltaghtoil  er noltaghey caghlaa jeant ec Tesco dy chur sthap da gymmydey poagaghyn plastagh syn ard-vargey oc ayns Mannin.

Voish Jelune, cha bee custymeyryn abyl  gymmydey poagaghyn plastagh ayns ard-vargey Hesco ayns Doolish, mannagh vees ad cur lhieu poagaghyn oc hene.

Ga oddys custymeyryn er-linney foast geddyn stoo kionnit currit gys nyn dhieyn ayns poagaghyn plastagh ec y traa t'ayn, ta leeideilee Hesco  gra dy vel foddey ny shlee na lieh dy chustymeyryn hannah son geddyn stoo kionnit fegooish poagaghyn plastagh.

Y fer hug Beach Buddies er bun, Bill Dale, t'eh gra dy vel eh dy bollagh son y caghlaa.

Tesco bins plastic bags

An environmental campaigner has welcomed a move by Tesco to end the use of plastic carrier bags in the Isle of Man.

From Monday, customers will no longer be able to find the disposable bags in the supermarket's Douglas branch, unless they take in their own.

Although online customers can still have their shopping delivered in them for now, bosses say well over half already favour 'bagless' drop-offs.

Beach Buddies founder Bill Dale says he's one hundred per cent behind the move.

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