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Traders join forces to oppose Peel regeneration plans

Traghtalee cur cooidjagh nyn eabyn dy hassoo noi plannyn aa-vioghey Purt ny Hinshey

Jeih colughtyn as feed boirit ec treealtyssyn y reiltys

Ta ny shlee na 30 colughtyn ayns Purt ny Hinshey shassoo noi plannyn y reiltys dy aa-vioghey mean y valley.

Ayns screeuyn theayagh, ta Traghtalee Straid Vaayl as Kerrin Atholl gra dy voddagh ny treealtyssyn currit roish cur er earroo dy happyn dooney.

Veagh raaidyn  'syn ard dooint rish nuy meeaghyn ec y chooid sloo my vees plannyn coardit 'sy chummey t'ad nish. 

Ta Stuart Hardingham stiurey Simpsons ayns Straid Vaayl:

AS STUART HARDINGHAM : Cha nee eh nagh vel shin arragh geearree obbyr erbee as nagh vel shin jerkal rish obbyr erbee dy ve jeant,  agh nagh jinnagh y plan er-lheh shoh ayns rieughid obbraghey er-nyn-son er yn oyr dy beagh shin dooint rish roud. Ta ymmodee jin er cheau palchey jeh'n vea ain troggal seose colughtyn ayns Purt ny Hinshey, baghey ayns Purt ny Hinshey, troggal seose nyn lughtyn-thie ayns Purt ny Hinshey, as, dy neu-aighoil, er yn oie oddagh kione ve currit er shen as veagh traaghyn boghtey er oai. 


Thirty businesses concerned by government proposals

More than 30 businesses in Peel are opposing government plans to regenerate the town centre.

In a public letter, Michael Street and Atholl Place Traders say the proposals put forward could force a number of shops to close.

Roads in the area would be shut for at least nine months if plans are approved in the current format.

Stuart Hardingham runs Simpsons on Michael Street: 

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