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TravelWatch ferry terminal fears

Arrey Troailtys boirit mychione ynnyd lhong-assaig

Possan-troailtagh Ellanagh, Arrey Troailtys, t'ad gra dy vel e olteynyn feer voirit bentyn da treealtyssyn dy arraghey calloo Chione y Pheer Lerpoyll.

Ta'n reiltys er ve taggloo marish lughtyn-reill y phurt as coonseil Lerpoyll mychione arraghey yn calloo meeilley ny smoo veih mean yn ard-valley, gys loghan-lhuingys Waterloo.

Yinnagh yn arraghey lowal da Lerpoyll e dellal lhuingys-soccar y vooadaghey.

Va'n arraghey er ny resooney ec çhaglym jeh Arrey Troailtys yn çhaghtin shoh chaie.

Caairliagh y phossan, Brendan O'Friel, t'eh gra dy vel olteynyn boirit neesht ec y chostys jeh troggal calloo noa - veagh y costys currit er-oi gys troailtee.

T'eh gra dy lhisagh reihyssyn anchasley goll er ronsaghey.

TravelWatch ferry terminal fears

Island passenger group TravelWatch says its members remain very concerned about proposals to move the Steam Packet's Liverpool Pier Head landing stage.

The government has been in talks with port authorities and Liverpool council over moving the Manx ferry operation a mile further from the city centre, to Waterloo dock.

The move - to allow Liverpool to expand its cruise ship business - was discussed at a TravelWatch meeting last week.

The group's chairman Brendan O'Friel says members are also worried about the cost of building a new stage - which would be passed on to travellers.

He says different options should be explored.

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