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Treasury is 'listening' and 'planning ahead' says Member of the House of Keys

Tashtey 'geaishtagh' as 'plannal rolaue' ta Oltey yn Chiare as Feed dy ghra

Maltby cur faaue oddagh tooilley cooney ve ry heet

Lhisagh reaghys y Reiltys dy chummal myr t'eh yn prios son lectragh ayns Ellan Vannin cur 'barrant' dy vel sleih goll er eaishtagh rish.

Shen yn chaghteraght veih Oltey yn Chiare as Feed as currym politickagh eck er yn Tashtey.

Ta'n rheynn er vograghey magh 'mynjeig ooilley-ghoaill' dy phohlldey as tackeyderyn cummal seose eh dy chooney lesh cummaltee as lesh thieyn dellal car y gheuree.

T'eh goaill stiagh tooilley eeckyssyn dauesyn cosney cooney cadjin argidoil as cur cagliagh er yn phrios son jurnaaghyn barroose – ta Sarah Maltby, ta ny chaghter son Doolish Yiass, gra dy vel yn reiltys cur eab er cooney.

AS SARAH MALTBY : Shoh son shickyrys kesmad feer vooar son shickyrys y theay, stiagh ayns ard gyn enney, agh shoh stayd gyn enney. Cha nel fys erbee ain c'raad ta shin goll lesh shoh, as ayns rieughid, ta mee gennaghtyn dy vel mee goaill moyrn mooar ass yn wirran heese ayns shickyrys y theay er yn oyr dy vel ad er neaishtagh as er chur freggyrt, as t'ad freggyrtagh, agh t'ad er phlannal neesht. Ta shin plannal rolaue, ta shin er phlannal son shoh cubbyl dy veeaghyn er dy henney, roish my row fys ain er ny haghyragh, as t'ad nish plannal reesht son yn nah veoyn. Shoh myr t'eu nish rhymbiu, as ayns rieughid cha nel ad smooinaghtyn dy vel shen eh as shen ooilley er nyn son, t'ad foast cur freggyrt as ve freggyrtagh, as nee shiu clashtyn tooilley voin.


Maltby hints that more support could be forthcoming

Government’s decision to freeze the price of electricity on the Isle of Man should give people ‘confidence’ that people are being listened to.

That’s the message from a Member of the House of Keys who has political responsibility for Treasury.

The department has announced a ‘comprehensive package’ of taxpayer backed support to help residents and business through winter.

It includes further payments to those on benefits and capping the price of bus journeys - Sarah Maltby, who represents Douglas South, says government is trying to help:

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