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Treasury Minister not ruling out future National Insurance increases

Cha nel Shirveishagh Tashtee scryssey magh bishaghey ayns Urryssaght Ashoonagh 'sy traa ry heet

'Coloayrtyssyn dy ve ayn' er aght dy eeck son Slaynt, as Ashford

Ta'n Shirveishagh Tashtee gobbal dy scryssey magh bishaghey ayns eeckyssyn Urryssaght Ashoonagh.

Ta David Ashford gra choud's nagh vel plannyn ayn son yn Ellan dy eiyrt er y Reeriaght Unnaneysit ayns yrjaghey toyrtyssyn Urryssaght Ashoonagh, foddee reamys ve ayn son mooadaghey 'sy traa ry heet. 

Ta sleih gra dy vel Preeu-Airey Goaldagh Boris Johnson fo phreays voish Olteynyn Yn Ard-Whaiyl echey hene ta geearree y polasee dy ve ceaut magh er coontey bishaghyn ayns bolgey argidoil as coontaghyn bree.

Ta'n bishaghey 1.2 per cent skedjalit dy heet dy ve breeoil 'sy Reeriaght Unnaneysit Mee Averil.

Ta Mnr Ashford credjal, my vees caghlaa dy ve ayn, dy voddagh eh ve paart dy hraa ersooyl. 

AS DAVID ASHFORD : Cha nel shinyn er veeraghey veg jeh'n sorch shen. Va mish braew cleeir 'sy reihys mooar cadjin myr shirreyder, myr shoh ooilley foddym gra ec y traa t'ayn, shen ny ta'n barel persoonagh aym. As she'n barel persoonagh aym dy vel feme ain ec traa ennagh er cummal coloayrtys mychione slaynt as y theay, yn aght er son ta slaynt as kiarail y theay goll er eeck, as cre ny reihyn t'ayn er y voayrd. Er-lhiam dy vel shen red ennagh as t'eh orrin cummal eh 'sy chubbyl dy vleeaney shoh cheet. Agh bentyn rish yn aght, as rish yn eiyrtys jeh ny coloayrtyssyn shen, cha jeanym briwnys er veg rolaue. 


'Conversations to be had' on how to pay for Health, says Ashford

The Treasury Minister's refusing to rule out an increase in National Insurance payments.

David Ashford says while there are no plans for the Island to follow the United Kingdom in raising NationalInsurance contributions, there could be scope for a hike in future.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is reportedly under pressure from his own Members of Parliament who want the policy scrapped due to rises in inflation and energy bills.

The 1.2 per cent increase is due to come into effect in the United Kingdom in April.

Mr. Ashford believes if there is a change, it could be some time away:

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