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Tynwald approves new Manx Gas agreement

Tinvaal cur kied da coardail noa rish Gas Vannin

Dellal noa skedjallit dy ghoaill toshiaght ec toshiaght 2021

Ta Tinvaal er hoiaghey jeh ronnaghyn y choardail noa rish Gas Vannin.

Nee'n Reiltys nish co-obbraghey rish y chiareyder dy chur bree da shoh ec toshiaght ny bleeaney shoh cheet.

Va palchey dy noiys, lesh Oltey yn Chiare as Feed son Doolish Hiar Chris Robertshaw cheet er y chooish myr "scammylt".

Lurg resoonaght rish ny sodjey na 2 oor, ta'n Shirveishagh Polasee as Aa-Chummey Ray Harmer gra dy jean y dellal 5-bleeaney cooney lesh ny custymeyryn ta dy smoo ayns arkys. 

AS RAY HARMER : Ta 22,900 custymeyr ayn, yn chooid smoo jeu as nagh vel ablid oc dy varganey saase ta ry chummal seose. As ayns ymmodee cooishyn, cha row ad agh eignit, ayns shiartanse dy chooishyn - as er-lheh tra ta lughtyn-reill ynnydoil caghlaa gys gas - cha nel reih oc agh dy vel gas oc. 

As myr shoh, er coontey shen, yn sleih as bee vondeish smoo oc, t'ad shen as smoo lickly eh dy vel boghtynys jannoo orroo, adsyn as smoo lickly eh dy vel boghtynys conney jannoo orroo, as adsyn as smoo lickly dy vel ad ayns feme, adsyn as smoo lickly eh dy bee vondeish daue ayns rieughid.

Myr shoh, ayns paart, t'eh dy ghra dy vel eh cheet neose liorish towse mooar dy liooar veih jeih per cent, ayns rieughid, gys shiaght per cent.  
Ta Ard Sheckter Gas Vannin David Cruddace gra:

"Shoh naight feer vie son yn 21,000 custymeyr ain. Nee ad geddyn eeckys er-ash 'sy choontey 2020 oc as tailley jeant sloo son 2021.  She'n nah cheim dy lhiasaghey ny ronnaghyn draghtit shoh ayns slane conaant as nee mayd tannaghtyn lesh broddey y Reiltys dy chooilleeney y docamad. Tra vees y choardail yerrinagh shoh er ny signal, fod mayd goaill toshiaght er cur bree da ny eeckyssyn er-ash. Ta mee cur gialdyn dy jean mayd shoh cho tappee as oddys y ve jeant."

Hig yn choardail noa arryltagh rish Gas Vannin ayns ynnyd jeh coardail 2015 lesh y cholught bree, as coontey currit jeh myr 'dellal agglagh' liorish yn Ard Shirveishagh Howard Quayle.

Ren y whaiyl loayrt mychione y Choardail er Ard-Linnaghyn ny Ronnaghyn, va currit-lesh er oai liorish Oik Coonceil ny Shirveishee lurg barganaghyn rish Gas Vannin.

T'ee goaill stiagh:

-ta eeckys er-ash £93 er mean er coontaghyn 2020 goll er gialdyn ec Gas Vannin son custymeyryn thie as colughtyn beggey, lesh yn un eeckys sloo ayns taillaghyn son 2021.

-Ta'n colught bree gra dy bee priosyn ny sinshley na sy Reeriaght Unnaneysit tra vees geill currit da costyssyn arraghey as saaseyn dy spaarail argid rere scailley.

-Ta caghlaaghyn feeu ard-linnaghyn goaill stiagh 6.99 per cent vondeish er argid baiht, neose veih'n bunnys 10% vondeish er argid baiht 'sy choardail 2015.

-Gurneil jeant aarloo dy yannoo shickyr dy vel baarail erbee jeh bun-argid liorish Gas Vannin cooie as ta barrant ayn er-e-hon. 

-Ta'n Barrantys Chell-Insh currit stiagh ayn myr co-chorp neu-chrogheydagh dy oaseirey reaghey taillaghyn.

Va Gas Vannin er screeu rish custymeyryn Jemayrt (17 Mee Houney) dy chur fys daue mychione y stayd v'ayn, as hug eh trimmid er nagh beagh eeckys er-ash dy jinnagh Tinvaal jiooldey y dellal.


New deal due to start at start of 2021

Tynwald has accepted the terms of a new agreement with Manx Gas.
Government will now work with the supplier to bring this in at the start of next year.
There was plenty of opposition, with Member of the House of Keys for Douglas East Chris Robertshaw calling the matter a “scandal”.
After over 2 hours of debate, Policy and Reform Minister Ray Harmer says the 5-year deal will help customers most in need.

Manx Gas Chief Executive David Cruddace says:

“This is very good news for our 21,000 customers. They will get a refund in their 2020 bill and a reduced tariff for 2021. The next step is to flesh out these draft terms into a full contract and we will continue to push Government to deliver the document. Once this final agreement is

signed, we can begin processing the refunds. I promise we will do this as quickly as possible.”

The new voluntary deal with Manx Gas will replace a 2015 arrangement with the energy company, described as 'terrible deal' by the Chief Minister Howard Quayle.

The court discussed the Heads of Terms Agreement, which was brought forward by the Cabinet Office following negotiations with Manx Gas.

It includes; 

- An average £93 rebate on 2020 bills is promised by Manx Gas for domestic and small business customers, with the same reduction in tariffs for 2020.

- The energy company says prices will be lower than the UK when transport costs and economies of scale are considered.

- Headline changes includes 6.99 per cent return on capital (ROCE), down from the near 10% ROCE in the 2015 deal.

- Controls in place to ensure any capital expenditure made by Manx Gas is appropriate and warranted.

- Communication Commission introduced as an independent body to oversee determination of tariffs.

Manx Gas had written to customers on Tuesday (17 Nov) to advise them of the situation, and stressed there would be no refund if Tynwald refused the deal.

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