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Tynwald backs Post Office modernisation

Tinvaal pohlldal jannoo Oik Postagh noa-emshiragh

Sail dy choardail son straih dy voyllaghyn

Ta straih dy voyllaghyn er jannoo noa-emshiragh Oik Postagh Ellan Vannin, va currit roish Tinvaal liorish boayrd yn oik postagh, er ve coardit liorish olteynyn.

Ta'n treealtys cur lesh stiagh shey 'bun-eieyn stiuree' dy chiaddey obbraghyn ry heet yn oik postagh 'syn Ellan, goaill stiagh gialdyn dy bee ynnyd entreil ec 96% dy chummaltee yn Ellan cheusthie jeh three meeilaghyn veih nyn dhieyn.

Agh ta bree smoo y ghocamad strateishagh er moggyl myn-chreck yn oik postagh dy reayll eh ayns cooishyn argidoil 'fondagh' as 'cummal seose eh hene'.

Ta Caairlagh y heshaght, Julie Edge OCF, treishteil dy jean shoh seose oyr son gaase.

AS JULIE EDGE : Ta'n boayrd gymmyrkey eh hene ayns aght currymagh rere cooishyn argidoil, myr ta orrin, agh      s'baghtal eh dy vel shin geearree cur lhien ny colughtyn roin marin. As my vees caa dooin cleayney stiagh dellal noa erbee da'n voggyl, as ta shin cur eab, ta'n dean ain dy yannoo shen, shen yn dean ain. Ta'n dean smoo ain dy chur eab er freayll foshlit whilleen jeh ny banglaneyn fo oik postagh as cur eab er cur lesh tooilley dellal daue.

Ren cremmeyderyn arganey dy row shoh cur y drogh er feeuid sheshoil yn undinys, as ren Tim Baker as Juan Watterson shirrey dy lhiasaghey y treealtys ayns foayr jeh tooilley scrutaght.

Fy yerrey, va'n daa lhiasaghey castit as ren y whaiyl votal 17-7 ayns foayr jeh treealtyssyn Bnr Edge, lesh daa OCF ynrican votal noi'n chooish.


Series of recommendations get seal of approval

A series of recommendations to modernise the Isle of Man Post Office, put to Tynwald by the post office board, have been approved by members.

The move introduces six ‘guiding principles’ to shape the future operations of the post office on the Island, including a promise that 96% of island residents have an access point within three miles of their homes.
However, the main thrust of the strategic document about the post office’s retail network is to keep it financially ‘efficient’, and ‘self-sustaining’.
Chair of the organisation, Julie Edge MHK, hopes this will lead to growth:
Critics argued this was to the detriment of the institution’s social value, and both Tim Baker and Juan Watterson sought to amend the motion in favour of further scrutiny.
Ultimately, both amendments were defeated and the court voted 17-7 in favour of Ms Edge’s proposals, with just two MLCs voting against it.

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