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Tynwald Day guest investigated

Hed goaldagh Laa Tinvaal er ronsaghey

Çhiarn Laboragh va cuirrit ny ghoaldagh onnorit gys jesh-chliaghtey Laa Tinvaal mleeaney, hed eh er ronsaghey ec meoiryn-shee lurg  anchoodaghey ayns pabyr-naight Doonee.

Ayns fillym jeant ec y Sun, t'eh grait dy row yn Çhiarn Sewel goaill cocaine marish streebeeyn, cooish ren cur fo raad ronsaghtyn ec meoiryn-shee as ec lught parlamaidagh.

Ayns y feeshan, t'eh ayns e chummal rea Lunninagh as eh ginsh da mraane mychione turrys ren eh er y gherrid gys Mannin - v'eh loayrt mychione kirbyl er traen-bree.

Chammah as shen, t'eh fakinit dy ve boggysagh mychione ny va screeuit ayns pabyryn-naight bentyn da'n turrys echey, as eh gra dy lhaih eh mychione y cur shilley parlamaidagh er yn iPad echey. Ghow shen stiagh turryssyn gys scoillyn Ellanagh.

Tynwald Day guest investigated

A Labour peer who was invited to this year's Tynwald Day ceremony as a guest of honour is to be investigated by police after an expose in a Sunday newspaper.

Lord Sewel was filmed by the Sun allegedly taking cocaine with prostitutes, sparking police and parliamentary investigations.

In the video, he's in his London flat, telling women about a recent trip he made to the Isle of Man, describing lunch on a steam train.

And he's also seen boasting about the press coverage of his trip, claiming he read about the parliamentary visit, which included trips to Island schools, on his iPad.

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