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Tynwald Day guests' costs revealed

Costyssyn currit magh jeh goaldee Laa Tinvaal

Reagheyderyn jeh immeeaghtyn Laa Tinvaal, t'ad gra nagh vel ad ronsaghey yn vea phreevaadajgh jeh goaldee ta cuirrit gys jannoo ardeailley jeh laa ashoonagh yn Ellan.

Screeu yn Commeeys Celtiagh gys bing-reaghee jesh-chliaghtey Laa Tinvaal, dy vriaght vel ad scrutaghey cooylraghyn ghoaldee, roish cur magh cuirraghyn daue.

Shoh kyndagh rish scammylt-seks sy Reeriaght Unnaneyssit bentyn da'n Çhiarn Sewell, va kionfenish ec jesh-chliaghtey Laa Tinvaal nurree. Jirree eshyn magh ass olteynys Thie ny Çhiarnyn, beggan dy hraa ny lurg da lhiassaghyn v'er jeet magh dy ghow eh cocain marish streebee.

Hie eh er filmal liorish pabyr-naight tabloidjagh, as eh taggloo mychione e hurrys gys Mannin.

Vrie yn Commeeys cre cho kiarailagh as ronsee ad bea ghoaldee, ry-hoi shaghney tayrn nearey er Mannin. Ta cleragh Tinvaal Roger Phillips er vreggyrt nish, as eh gra dy vel goaldee dy cliaghtagh nyn bersoonyn ta feer vie er enn ec y theay, agh cha nel y vea phreevaadjagh oc goll er ronsaghey.

Cha nel list ny bleeaney shoh foast er ny reaghey dy bollagh, agh hug Mnr Phillips magh earrooyn bentyn da costys aaght as oltaghey.

Sy vlein feed cheead as kiare-jeig, va tree goaldee as feed ayn, ren costal tree thousane jeig punt ooilley cooidjagh. Nurree, chost feed goaldagh mysh daa housane yeig dy lieh dy phuntyn.

Chammah as shen, dooyrt Mnr Phillips dy vel oltaghey goaldee ny aght dy heet nyn guaiyl rish 'cummeyderyn barel', myr v'eh gra roo. As ta'n oltaghey cur cooney dy leodaghey skeealyn noidagh mychione yn Ellan.

Tynwald Day guests' costs revealed

Tynwald Day organisers say they don't vet the private life of guests invited to the Island's national day celebrations.

The Celtic League wrote to the Tynwald Ceremony Arrangements Committee asking whether they check backgrouds before issuing invitations.

It follows a sex scandal in the UK surrounding Lord Sewell, who was at Tynwald Day last year - only to resign from the House of Lords shortly afterwards over allegations he'd taken cocaine with prostitutes.

He was filmed by a tabloid newspaper talking about his trip to the Isle of Man.

The League asked the commitee how closely it vetted guests in order to avoid embarrassment - clerk of Tynwald Roger Phillips has now responded, saying guests are usually prominent public figures, but their private lives are not vetted.

This year's list has yet to be finalised, but Mr Phillips also gave figures for the cost of accommodation and hosting.

In 2014 there were 23 guests at a total cost of £13,000, while last year 20 guests cost the Island about £12,500.

Mr Phillips added hosted the visitors is a way of engaging with what he described as 'opinion formers', and the hospitality helps counteract hostile accounts of the Island.

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