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Tynwald Honour for Geoff Karran

Onnor Tinvaal son Geoff Karran

She Geoff Karran hooar Onnor Tinvaal mleeaney, kyndagh rish yn obbyr echey harrish ymmodee bleeantyn son giastyllys, spoyrt as dellal.Ta Mnr Karran ny eniagh phobble Vannin.

Ayns Keeill Eoin fastyr Jelune, hooar Mnr Karran yn onnor smoo oddys ard-whaiyl Vannin stowal.

Haghyr yn ayrn shen jeh'n jesh-chliaghtey lurg da ny Slattyssyn currit magh ec Cronk Tinvaal v'er nyn shickyraghey dy h-oikoil dy ve myr leigh ny çheerey.

Dinsh Mnr Karran da James Davis dy row eh jeant feer wooiagh dy row enney currit er obbyr v'eh cur graih da.

Tynwald Honour for Geoff Karran

The recipient of the Tynwald Honour this year is Geoff Karran, champion of the Manx community through his many years' work in charity, sport and business.

Mr Karran was presented with the highest honour the Manx parliament can bestow, in the Royal Chapel on Monday afternoon.

That part of the ceremony followed after the Acts promulgated from Tynwald Hill earlier were officially captioned to become the law of the land.

Mr Karran told James Davis he was delighted at the recognition for work which has been his passion.

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