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UK renewable energy strategy dealt a blow

Strateish bree vees aa-noaghey yn RU [Reeriaght Unnaneysit] geddyn builley

Jeeaghyn nagh vel shaleeyn mooie veih'n choose ry chummal seose

Ta strateish bree aa-noaghey Reiltys yn RU geddyn builley lurg da veg dy halee gheayee noa erbee mooie veih'n choose y ve kionnit ayns cant s'noa y reiltys.

Ta colughtyn gra dy row y leagh soit ec yn RU son lectraghys er ny ghientyn ro injil dy chur er shaleeyn mooie veih'n choose y ve ry chummal seose.

Ta'n cant cur cuirrey er colughtyn chebbal dy lhiasaghey shaleeyn bree aa-noaghey dy chur pooar da moggyl yn RU.

Ta Ralph Peake, as eh Caairlagh y Phossan cour Ablid Ry Chummal Seose da Sheshaght Lught Traghtee Ellan Vannin, gra dy row y naight oyr son ve mollit, agh nagh bee buillaghyn 'sy traa sodjey er yn RU ny er Ellan Vannin.

AS RALPH PEAKE : Ta mee smooinaghtyn dy vel eh geabey feddyn yn eaghtyr echey hene: shen yn aght lesh dellal, nagh vel eh agh stoyr as shirrey. As myr shoh ta mee shickyr dy nee mayd feddyn yn eaghtyr kiart, foddee dy bee eh beggan ny smoo na shen, agh t'eh foast foddey ny sloo-chostallagh na connaghyn fossil, as dy jarroo, t'eh cooney dy chosney gys y dean neunhee-glen ain son 2050.  

Translation notes :

bree vees aa-noaghey : energy which is renewing; bree vees goll er aa-noaghey might express it better, but is cumbersome                                   ry chummal seose : to be kept up, supportable, viable
lectraghys er ny ghientyn : electricity, literally after its being generated, that has been generated, "electricity generated"  
moggyl : a mesh, to describe the inter-linking system of what is called the National Grid
y ve : this is the only verb to attract this usage, rather than letting ve stand alone, being already in its lenited form, in its/their state of being, but tends to be literary
oyr son ve mollit : a reason for being disappointed, for disappointing                                                                                                                     stoyr as shirrey : supply and demand                                                                                                                                                              connaghyn : plural of conney, a fuel (Kelly), originally from the use of types of gorse as a fuel                                                                                neunhee-glen : net-zero

Offshore projects don't appear viable

The UK Government's renewable power strategy has been dealt a blow after no new offshore wind projects were purchased at the latest government auction.

Companies say the price set by the UK for electricity generated was too low to make offshore projects viable.

The auction invites companies to bid to develop renewable energy projects to supply the UK grid with power.

Ralph Peake, chairman of the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce's Business Sustainability Group, says the news was disappointing, but won't have long-term impacts for the UK or the Isle of Man:

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