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Union backs Post Office plans

Sheshaght-cheirdey pohlldal plannyn son Oik Postagh

Sheshaght-cheirdey ta shassoo son faggys da daa cheead thousane obbree eddyr-insh, t'ee gra dy vel ee son y chooid smoo ayns foayr jeh plannyn dy cho-chorpaghey Oik Postagh Ellan Vannin.

Tuarastyl currit roish Tinvaal jea (Jemayrt, y nuyoo laa jeig), t'eh cur reayrt dy chaghlaa yn çhirveish gys colught çhiarmaanit, as seyrey eh veih shellooderys slattyssagh.

Ga dy vel Sheshaght-Cheirdey Obbreeyn Eddyr-Insh noi preevaadjaghey, t'ee gra dy jean co-chorpaghey lowal da tooilley fondid.

Y Lhiass-Ard-Screeudeyr Terry Pullinger, t'eh gra dy bee shirveish vie foast ny tosheeaght.

Union backs Post Office plans

A union representing almost 200,000 British communication workers says it's largely in favour of plans to corporatise the Isle of Man Post Office.

A report before Tynwald yesterday (Tues 19th) sets out a vision to transform the service into a limited company, freeing it from statutory ownership.

But whilst the Communications Workers Union opposes privatisation, it says corporatisation will allow for greater efficiency.

Deputy General Secretary Terry Pullinger said good service will remain a priority.

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