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University aims to inspire Manx students

Ta ollooscoill kiarail greinnaghey studeyryn Manninagh

Ollooscoill sy Reeriaght Unnaneyssit, t'ee jerkal dy jean foddey ny shlee dy h-Ellanee geiyrt ayns kesmadyn-coshey eear-chummaltagh Vannin.

Y fer-ooreyder y Dr George Daniels, cheau yn chooid smoo jeh'n vea echey ayns Mannin, va kiangley lajer echey lesh y City University ayns Lunnin.

Ta'n ollooscoill foast geddyn foays ass treisht va currit er bun lurg e vaase sy vlein feed cheead as nane-jeig.

Ta'n Olloo Ken Grattan ny Olloo George Daniels jeh Greienys Sheansagh ec yn ollooscoill.

T'eh jerkal dy jean obbyr y Dr Daniels greinnaghey tooilley sleih dy yannoo studeyrys ayns shen.

University aims to inspire Manx students

A university in the UK capital is hoping many more Islanders will follow in the footsteps of a former resident.

Horologist Dr George Daniels, who spent most of his life living in the Isle of Man, had a strong association with City University of London.

The institution still benefits from a trust fund set up following his death in 2011.

Professor Ken Grattan is the George Daniels Professor of Scientific Instrumentation at the university.

He hopes the work of Dr Daniels will inspire more people to study there.

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