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Voyage of discovery for young writers

Jurnaa feddyn-magh son fir-screeuee aegey

Fir-screeuee aegey ass yn Ellan, t'ad er n'oll er jurnaa feddyn magh.


Studeyryn lane-emshiragh ta un vlein as feed dy eash as ny sloo na shen, va cuirrey currit daue dy screeu skeeal giare, memoir, ny yn chied chabdil jeh oorskeeal, as 'feddyn-magh' ny chooish-screeuee.


As haink kuse d'ir-screeuee ren cosney as geddyn moylley mooar assdoo shen dinsh ny skeealyn.


Shirveishagh Ynsee as Paitçhyn, Tim Crookall, dooyrt eh dy ren y co-hirrey foays da lettyrys ayns brastyllyn-scoill as lowal da soylleeaghtyn paitçhyn rouail dy seyr - lesh eiyrtyssyn boggoil.


Va'n co-hirrey enmyssit ayns onnor yn oorskeealagh Manninagh ard-ghooagh, yn Reejerey Hall Caine, as hayrn y co-hirrey stiagh nuy cheead, tree-jeig as feed dy h-entreilyn. She shenn oe 'neen Hall Caine, Gloria Rukeyser, ren cur magh ny h-aundyryn.


Ta'n lught-thie eck foast cummal raad va'n oorskeealagh cummal, Cashtal Greeba skeealeydagh.



Voyage of discovery for young writers


Young Island authors have gone on a voyage of discovery. 


Students aged 21 and under in full-time education were invited to pen a short story, a memoir, or the opening chapter of a novel on the subject of 'discovery'.


And the story tellers produced a number of winning and highly commended authors in the process.


Education and Children Minister Tim Crookall said the competition boosted literacy in the classroom and allowed the imaginations of children to roam free - with joyous results.


The competition - named after the distinguished Manx novelist Sir Hall Caine - attracted 933 entries with his great-granddaughter Gloria Rukeyser presenting the prizes.


Her family still occupies the novelist's former home, the historic Greeba Castle.

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