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Water rate, Ramsey courthouse sale and more in Keys

Raayt-ushtey, creck thie quaiyllagh Rhumsaa as tooilley sy Chiare as Feed

Shirveishagh Cooishyn Sthie, Bill Malarkey, v'eh er ny eyshtey moghrey jea mychione creck thie quaiyllagh Rhumsaa.

Va nane jeh Olteynyn y valley geearree feddyn magh row yn thie goll er creck er y vargey foshlit.

Va shen nane jeh nuy feyshtyn son freggyrtyn loayrit sy Chiare as Feed.

Cooishyn elley va troggit, ghow ad stiagh y costys jeh lostey ooill ec y thie-jannoo bree ass orçh, y vea yerkit jeh turbeenyn-gas y stashoon-pooar, as cre veagh y raayt-ushtey ayns feed cheead as shiaght-jeig gys feed cheead as hoght-jeig.

Lawrie Hooper, Oltey son Rhumsaa, deysht eh Chris Thomas, y Shirveishagh son polasee as aa-chummey, e phlannyn dy chur lesh stiagh skeim roarey gys obbyr.

As e chied chlaare argidoil currit magh ec Alfred Cannan foast oor ayns cleayshyn ymmodee, va Oltey son Doolish Hwoaie, David Ashford, laccal myn-fysseree mychione tooilley argid sy tashtey son geddyn thalloo as thieyn.

Cha row agh daa eysht ayn son freggyrtyn screeuit, agh va foast ram sy chlaare-obbyr.

Va Mnr Thomas jerkal stiurey yn billey cormid, feed cheead as shey-jeig,  trooid e hrass lhaihys - red ennagh va Mnr Cannan as yn Oltey son Doolish Hiar Clare Bettison jerkal jannoo lesh y villey shellooderys foaysagh, feed cheead as shiaght -jeig, as y billey molteyrys, feed cheead as shiaght-jeig.

Water rate, Ramsey courthouse sale and more in Keys

Home Affairs Minister Bill Malarkey was questioned yesterday morning about the sale of the Ramsey courthouse building.

One of the town's MHKs wanted to know if the property was being offered on the open market.

It was one of nine questions for oral answer in the House of Keys.

Other issues being raised included the cost of burning oil at the Energy from Waste Plant, the life expectancy of the power station's gas turbines, and what would the water rate be in 2017/18.

Policy and Reform Minister Chris Thomas was pressed on his plans to introduce a Bike to Work Scheme by Ramsey member Lawrie Hooper, and with Alfred Cannan's first Budge announcement sill ringing in the ears of many, North Douglas MHK David Ashford wanted details on additional funds in the Land and Property Acquisition Reserve.

There were just two questions for written answer but still plenty more on the agenda.

Mr Thomas hoped to steer the Equality Bill 2016 through its third reading - something Mr Cannan and East Douglas member Clare Bettison were also to attempt with the Beneficial Ownership Bill 2017 and the Fraud Bill 2017 respectively.

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