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White paper lays out population challenges

Pabyr bane soilshaghey magh doolaneyn fo'n phobble

Ard soilshey er cooishyn demographagh

Corrillagh dy leih shinney ta gaase, rateyn dy hroaraght ta goll sheese as sleih aegey arraghey magh, t'ad shoh cur doolaneyn mooar fo'n Ellan rere pabyr bane y reiltys.

Va'n docmaid, ta cur myn-phoyntyn jeh ny reihyn t'ayn dy yannoo ny smoo y pobble ta breeoil 'sy tarmaynys ayns shoh, clouit er yn chiaghtin liorish Oik Coonceil ny Shirveishee.

Enmyssit 'Cooilleeney ny Doolaneyn fo'n Phobble Ain', t'eh goaill stiagh faaishnyssyn mychione y phobble lesh caghlaaghyn ooley er arraghey magh as ronsaghey ny oddys ve jeant dy ghoaill ayns laue cooishyn demographagh.

Ta eiyrtys y coontey pobble veih 2016 soilshaghey magh tuittym ayns pobble yn Ellan son y chied cheayrt ayns 30 blein, cur aggle er ymmodee politickeyryn.

Ta cooney argidoil son costyssyn kiarail clienney, ooryn obbragh lhoobagh as cur er y hoshiaght caaghyn noa son faill er ve currit roish myr freggyrt cummyssagh.

Ta'n pabyr bane ry gheddyn dy yeeaghyn er via ynnyd eggey y reiltys.

White paper lays out population challenges

Demographic issues highlighted

A growing older population, declining fertility rates and the emigration of young people are major challenges for the Island according to a government white paper.

The document, which details the options available to boost the economically active population here, was published this week by the Cabinet Office.

Titled 'Meeting our Population Challenges', it includes population projections with differing estimates of migration and examines what could be done to address demographic issues.

Census results from 2016 showed a fall in the Island's population for the first time in 30 years, alarming many politicians.

Financial assistance for childcare costs, flexible working hours and promoting new employment opportunities have been floated as potential solutions.The white paper is available to view via the government's website.

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