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World Cup song emerges, 34 years late!

Ta arrane Chappan ny Cruinney çheet rish, kiare bleeaney jeig as feed anmagh!

Fer-screeuee arrane ass Lacksey, t'eh gra dy vel eh jeant feer wooiagh dy vel arrane recort eh kiare bleeaney jeig as feed er dy henney, dy vel eh er ny chur magh fy-yerrey hoal - dy hroggal argid son cooish vie.

Ayns yn arrane 'We Were There', ta ny cosneyderyn Chappan ny Cruinney Geoff Hurst drummeragh, Alan Ball cloie yn viol, as Bobby Moore cloie yn tambourine.

V'eh recortit myr çhyrrys aigh vie son y possan, as ad goll gys y Spainney son y co-hirrey sy vlein nuy cheead jeig, kiare feed as jees.

Agh, kyndagh rish Caggey ny Malveenaghyn, va'n track coontit dy ve ro aggys da jannoo ardeailley.

Myr shen v'eh ny lhie dyn ymmyd son ymmodee bleeantyn, gys v'eh currit magh yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie dy chooney lesh Sheshaght Alzheimer ayns Shiaghtin Twoaieaght Dementia.

Ta Bob kiare feed as daa vlein dy eash, as v'eh ny charrey da ram jeh ny cloiederyn.

T'eh gra dy vel eh jeant booiagh dy vel y track er nakin soilshey yn laa fy-yerrey hoal wass.

World Cup song emerges, 34 years late!

A Laxey songwriter says he's delighted after a World Cup song he recorded 34 years ago has finally been released - to raise money for a good cause.

We Were There features World Cup winners Geoff Hurst on drums, Alan Ball playing violin and Bobby Moore on tambourine and was recorded as a good luck message for the squad heading to Spain for the 1982 tournament.

However, the Falklands War saw the track deemed "too celebratory" and so it lay unused for decades until it was released last week in aid of the Alzheimer's Society during Dementia Awareness Week.

Eighty-two-year-old Bob, who was friends with many of the players, says he's glad it's finally seen the light of the day.

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