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Yesterday in Tynwald

Y laa jea ayns Tinvaal

Va çhaglym ec Tinvaal moghrey jea, lurg mee harroogh ayns politickaght Vannin.

Coontey-pobble hug greain er sleih, resoonaght vioyr mychione troggalyn er y twoaie, as caghlaa yn colught ta gymmyrkey surransee - cha nel shen genmys agh beggan dy chooishyn - hug ny cooishyn enmysit ayns shoh ram stoo dy resooney.

Vote y whaiyl bentyn da troggal y faill sloo, as hug y Shirveishagh Slaynt roish, treealtys dy gheddyn rey rish y chagliagh jeh costyssyn chiarail sheshoil thieoil.

Chammah as shen, va ny reillyn carrooagh er nyn gaghlaa, lowagh da shappyn-bettal fosley Jeheiney Caisht.

Ny s'anmagh, hug y Shirveishagh polasee as aa-chummey fockley magh mychione keeallaghyn ny h-earrooyn jeh coontey-pobble, feed cheead as shey-jeig.

Va tuarastylyn ayn ry-scrutaghey bentyn da troailt nastee da penshyneyryn, as ymmyrkey haggyrtyn.

Er jerrey, va daa hreealtys currit roish ec olteynyn jeh Mannin Libraalagh.

Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Rhumsaa, Lawrie Hooper, ghreinnee eshyn lught-reill Vun-Shirveishyn Vannin e raayt-ushtey y injillaghey. Julie Edge, Oltey son Skeerey Connaghyn, v'ee shirrey scrutaght jeh costyssyn-faillee, harrish y reiltys.

Yesterday in Tynwald

Tynwald was in session yesterday morning, after a busy month in Manx politics.

A shock census result, lively debate over buildings in the north and a change of patient transport provider - to name but a few issues - gave members much to discuss.

The court voted on a minimum wage hike, and the Health Minister brought forward a proposal to scrap the cap on home social care costs.

There was also a change in gambling rules, which would allow betting shops to open on Good Friday.

Later, the Policy and Reform Minister delivered a statement on the implications of the 2016 Census figures.

There were reports to consider on free travel for pensioners, and the conduct of clergymen.

Finally on the agenda, two motions from LibVan members.

Ramsey MHK Lawrie Hooper urged the Manx Utilities Authority to lower its water rate, while his Onchan colleague Julie Edge was seekig a review of employment costs government-wide.

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