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The Sheffield Plate winner is announced! Full details in the penultimate report on another hectic day at the 2018 Guild

Another selection of class-winning performances, following the eighth  day of competitions in the Villa Marina.  

The programme on Friday 27 April featured the following (please note that the list below is not necessarily the order in which the pieces are played in the programme):

EVAN DARROCH - Winner of the Boys Treble Solo class, singing accompanied by Frank Woolley. Evan went on to win the Sheffield Plate, singing with the 8 other winners of their individual solo voice classes.  Evan’s music teacher is Gareth Moore.

MATT CREER - Winner of the Songs from the Shows class, with a powerful and emotional version of “Gethsemane” from Jesus Christ Superstar - accompanied by Gareth Moore

MARILYN CANNELL - Winner of the Music Hall and Comic Song class with “I Took My Harp To The Party” accompanied by Gareth Moore

AMY SHANAHAN - Winner of the Popular Song class (own choice from 1980 to the present day) singing ‘Promise Me” by Beverly Craven - accompanied by Gareth Moore

BALLACOTTIER SCHOOL CHOIR directed by Katie Lawrence - Winners of the Mixed Choirs class and the Gaelic Choirs class.  All four of their winning songs are featured in this programme :

“Oye” (Spanish - meaning Hey! Listen up!) by Jim Papoulis

‘Can You Hear Me?’ by Bob Chilcott

’T’an Grine Veg Barn’ by Annie Kissack - arr. Katie Lawrence

‘Irrey ny Greiney’ by Bob Carswell - arr. Katie Lawrence

SIMON FLETCHER - Winner of the award for the Most Entertaining Performance in the Songs from the Shows class - singing “Betrayed” from  The Producers - accompanied by Gareth Moore

SARAH QUALTROUGH - Winner of the Leider Solo class  for 15 - 26 year olds - singing “Die Ihr Schwebet’ by Wolff - accompanied by Frank Woolley

ERIC KELLY - Winner of the Electronic Keyboard class - The Cuckoo Waltz was part of a three-song medley