Women Today listen again: Karen Hardman and Mike Kewley

On the programme today: - 

- we were joined in the studio by Mike Kewley from MyFreeMind.org who came in to tell us all about the Mindful Mann Wellbeing Festival happening at the Community Farm in June - get tickets and find out more information here;

- we were also joined by Karen Hardman, the Island's first 'Face Yoga' teacher, who showed us a few moves in the studio and told us how her daily practice helps her and her fellow cabin crew with tiredness and more - follow her on Facebook here;

- and we heard from Jackie Grace from Without Wings, the auto immune arthritis charity, who has set up the 'Making Your Mind Up' event next week about the Linden Anxiety Recovery Method, it is at the Laxey Working Men's Institute on Tuesday evening, find out more here

If you missed any part of today's programme, you can listen back here for the next 7 days