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Women Today listen again: Mercy Ships, best crisps and the TT Trophy

- we were joined in the studio by CEO of Mercy Ships Lea Milligan, who came in to tell us about the fantastic work the charity does around the world and Ian Young and Neil Birchenough explain how Thomas Miller staff are supporting them. If you want to support Neil on his 300 mile charity bike ride, or want to contact the company about utilising their staff for your charity, contact him on 01624 645237. Or if you'd like more information about tomorrow's Bingo event, contact Ian on 645222. #MRVision #IOM

- we continued our look back at the past 4 years of Women Today, and shared another of our favourite interviews; today, a listener by the name of Viv Cornelius who had held a secret for decades. She contacted us to share her excitement about a letter she received from someone she last saw 50 years ago and never, ever thought she’d hear from again – her own son.

- we had a very special visitor to the studio, as the actual Senior TT trophy was brought in by Lloyd Mister and Ben Scott from G4S. They also told us how YOU could be a part of their Isle of Man TT crew - for more information, call 649000 or email g4sreception@im.g4s.com

- and we challenged Channel 5's revelation that Pringles have been voted the nation's favourite crisp, which led to a heated crisp debate...

If you missed any part of today's programme, you can listen again at this link for the next 7 days.