Women Today listen again: Shan Fisher, Audrey Humphreys and Juan Moore

On the programme today - 

- we heard the wonderfully empowering story of Audrey Humphrey's portrait shoot with Shan Fisher , that really touched her life in ways she could not have imagined; you can see some of the beautiful photos from the shoot here, and watch the entire interview with Shan and Audrey below or via the Manx Radio portal;

- we also spoke to illustrator and artist Juan Moore about the University College of Man Alumni exhibition 'Inspiring Another Generation', open now at the Sayle Gallery

- and we heard about the new spoof pop song inspired by four women who had been the subject of internet trolling; find out more about their story here

If you missed any part of today's programme, listen again at this link for the next 7 days.

Tomorrow, we find out all about Foraging Vintners and their involvement with IslExpo and get an update from the tragedy-stricken Wildlife Park. Join us from 2pm.