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Abbyr Shen Reesht - Say That Again 8th May 2022

Abbyr Shen Reesht - Say That Again

Sunday, May 8th, 2022 - 13 minutes

Agh shiaghtin ghiare ee! Y cheayrt shoh cha nel veg ry chlashtyn er-lhimmey jeh'n episode jeh Dracula, yn lioar ard-ghooagh liorish Bram Stoker, va ry chlashtyn ayns chyndaays 'sy Ghaelg jeant son 'Claare ny Gael'. Agh yinnin shiu y ghreinnaghey dy gholl gys y chramman ER AGGYRT ayns ynnyd eggey Radio Vannin, as ayns shen bee caa diu clashtyn ny naightyn 'sy Ghaelg ayns 'Traa dy Liooar' as ny coloayrtyssyn as meeryn elley feer anaasagh jeant ec Phil Gawne ayns 'Goll as Gaccan'. Dy jarroo, foddee shiu eaishtagh rish 'Claare ny Gael', goaill stiagh ny meeryn 'sy Vaarle as y kiaull neesht ayns shen. As chammah's shen, my vee shiu criggal er y chramman Naightyn, ta rolley tuittym sheese, as my vees shiu jeeaghyn sheese shen beggan, hee shiu cramman son paart dy naightyn 'sy Ghaelg. 

But it's a short week! This time there's nothing to be heard other than the episode from Dracula, the famous book by Bram Stoker, which was to be heard in a translation into the Manx Gaelic made for 'Claare ny Gael'. But I would urge you to go to the button ON DEMAND on Manx Radio's website, and there you'll have an opportunity to hear the news in Manx in 'Traa dy Liooar' and the conversations and other very interesting pieces done by Phil Gawne in 'Goll as Gaccan'. In fact, you can listen to 'Claare ny Gael', including the pieces in English and the music as well there. And as well as that, if you click on the button News, there's a drop-down list, and if you look down that a little way, you'll see a button for some new items in the Manx Gaelic.

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