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Sunday, 15 January 2023 - 30 minutes

Manx Language Development Officer Ruth Keggin Gell will be at our Retreat House, Thie Dy Vea (House of Life) in Peel next weekend to lead two events that are very different, but bonded together by the use of Manx Language.  

On Friday 20 January,  Ruth will lead  GOW ARRANE - SING! an evening to learn and enjoy prayerful, peaceful chants from the Taize monastic community, translated (by Ruth) into Manx.  The evening is in 3 parts - arrive at 6pm for a relaxed and informal workshop where we'll learn some of the most popular Taize chants - in Manx.  Then we'll stop to share a simple tasty supper with time to chat, and we'll close the evening with a gentle time of worship in the style of the Taize community, using the chants we've learnt.   The evening will finish around 8:30pm 
COST - FREE (donations would be welcome, but there's no pressure to give anything except your time!) 

On Saturday 21st January - God speaks Manx too, Yessir!
9.30am - 12.30pm 
Discover simple ways to incorporate Manx language into church life and worship.  This workshop will cover simple responses, prayers and blessings plus conversational phrases of welcome, useful Manx for service sheets, and much more.  
Refreshments will be served from 9am
COST - FREE (donations would be welcome, but there's no pressure to give anything except your time!) 
THERE'S AN OPTION to stay on for a snack and sandwich lunch with hot drinks,  after the Saturday morning session - there's a set charge for this - £8 per person
Although the events are FREE, booking is essential, please,  as we need to control numbers, so everyone gets the best from these two sessions.

Book via the website: www.retreathouse.im
or phone Monday - Friday during normal office hours - 01624 609299
or email - welcome@retreathouse.im

Thie Dy Vea is fully residential with comfortable double and twin en suite rooms - if you're thinking of coming to both Friday night and Saturday morning sessions,  why not have a mini break and stay overnight Friday ?? see website for full details - www.retreathouse.im

Also on the programme - MEET THE HERO RODENTS !! Furry animals with exceptional scent detection skills are being  trained to  find landmines and other lethal explosives hidden in the ground in Cambodia (and other countries where hidden landmines cause thousands of deaths, and make huge areas of land too dangerous to use). 
The light weight of these animals (about the size of an average domestic cat)  means they don't detonate the explosives- but are fast and accurate at finding them so the disposal teams can follow on,  and spend all their time making them safe without having first to find them.
Other scent detection animals are able to rapidly identify tuberculosis in humans - a disease still raging in many countries.  Over one million people die each year through undetected and therefore untreated TB.  We feature a report sent from Louise Whitelegg who is in Cambodia, and watched these amazing animals at work.
Well worth taking a look at the website - www.apopo.org
Plus there's some really beautiful music in the programme - and our notice board too
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