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Sunday, 2 April 2023 - 33 minutes

Today is Palm Sunday - the start of the week that the Christian church calls HOLY.  It's a week that starts with rejoicing and celebrating, as Jesus rides into Jerusalem - just days later, those same crowds who greeted him so warmly, are shouting for his death - and this Holy Week ends with a sordid, agonising death by crucifixion.
So is this the end - or is it maybe just the beginning? 
And what do these events say to our world, 2,000 years later?
We explore - in words and music, and in contributions from the 8th Manx Bard, Michael Manning, and from author, broadcaster and retired Baptist Minister, Richard Littledale.
And we visit a church that's at a crossroads - in more ways than one!
We go to Sulby Methodist Church to talk with Louise Whitelegg, Derek Jones and Doris Kermeen - to find out which road they're taking!
Plus there's notice board news too
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