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Claare ny Gael 15th May 2022

Claare Ny Gael

Sunday, May 15th, 2022 - 50 minutes

Rev Thomas Stephen takes us for a stroll round parts of Douglas and out to old Kirk Braddan, and we look at the background to some of the things he mentions in his 1832 poem, 'A Poetical Guide to the Isle of Mann'.

Jonathan Harker has been disappointed by the Szgany, who turned his letters over to Count Dracula. His renewed hope of getting information out through a part of Slovaks is soon dashed, and then finds that the Count is up to fresh mischief. However, that's not his greatest terror.

As nyn giaull - son Oie Voaldyn as Laa Boaldyn rere yn chenn eaillere -
FLOR ENVERSA - Calenda maia
KIRREE-AALIN CLAGUE - Oie Voaldyn/Tar gys y ghrian
ANNE & FRANCIE BROLLY - The Magherafelt May fair
PHYNNODDEREE - Ben-rein y Voaldyn/Moghrey Laa Boaldyn
ANNIE KISSACK - Tappagyn jiargey
THE QUARTET - The rival cockades
DAVID KILGALLON - Boaldyn Heear as Boaldyn Hiar
PAUL ROGERS - Arrane y Voaldyn
FRANK JOUGHIN - Moostey yn arragh
MEC LIR - Earthbound

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