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Claare ny Gael 24th January 2021

Claare Ny Gael

Sunday, January 24th, 2021 - 51 minutes

Henry Bloom Noble wrote a letter on 25th January 1886 saying that his wife, Rebecca, would present the site and that he would pay for building a hospital in Douglas (now the Manx Museum building in Kingswood Grove). Their offer was announced and accepted on 27th January. Unfortunately, Rebecca didn't live to see the completion and opening of the hospital in 1888.

Our story in Manx is another by Simon J Wood. He lives in Lincolnshire and his story about a famous author is set in Boston - but in this case, Boston, Massachusetts.

We celebrate the birth of Robert Burns on 25th January 1759 lesh nyn giaull -

DOUGIE MacLEAN - Rattlin', roarin' Willie
SHEENA WELLINGTON - There was a lad
PAOLO NUTINI - For a' that
KATE REID - The banks o' Cree
BRIAN MILLER - O, Tibbie, I hae seen the day
EMILY SMITH & JAMIE MacCLENNAN - Adoon winding Nith
DICK GAUGHAN - Now westlin' winds
IMAR - L'air Mignonne


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