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X Island Life Series - Specials

Tuesday, 10 January 2023 - 39 minutes

Ramsey Bluetits‘Stories from the Sea’ – a look at the increasingly popular obsession of plunging into the big blue. Often referred to as “cold water therapy”, just how therapeutic is it, really? 

Christy DeHaven speaks to regular dippers, experts and members of the Island’s medical community to find out more.  If you’re feeling inspired to dive in, please do start by contacting one of the groups mentioned – cold water therapy coach Kate can be found at SoulAdventures.im, Open Water Coach Kirsty can be found here and the Manx Bluetits have a very active Facebook page and be sure to check with your GP if you have any medical concerns before getting in cold water. 

Jill and Martin at Port Skillion, Douglas Open water coach Kirsty Coffey

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