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Manx Sky at Night

Monday, January 27th, 2020 - 29 minutes

In the January edition of MANX SKY AT NIGHT, astronomer Howard Parkin tells us what we can expect to see in our dark skies during the coming weeks, including sighting the International Space Station, and spotting Venus as it dominates the evening skies. Is Betelgeuse really fading ? And if so, what does this mean for stargazers? Howard also gives an idea of some conjunctions we can look out for later in the year, and if you'd like a copy of Howard's guide to stars and planetary activity in 2020, email your request to him at howardparkin@manx.net
We've also got an update on that mishap which curtailed the Boeing Starliner unmanned test flight at the end of December - and news of Virgin's plans for space tourism - there seems to be plenty of interest in their flights at £250K per ticket .....!

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