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Saturday, February 8th, 2020 - 30 minutes

Hugh Stowell Brown was the older brother of our National Poet Thomas Edward (T.E.) Brown. At the age of only 23 he went to Liverpool to preach at Myrtle Street Baptist Church - and stayed there for the next 40 years! What he achieved was astounding, and has so inspired Baptist Minister Wayne Clarke that he has researched and written a biography of Hugh Stowell Brown, and joins me on the programme to tell the story of A READY MAN. A Ready Man is published by Instant Apostle and costs £8.99 - Churches Bookshop in Howard Street in Douglas have copies, some of which may be signed by the author, Wayne Clarke.
Valentines Day on Friday the 14th will be popular with florists, the postal service and restaurants, as it's THE day for romantic gestures - and maybe some marriage proposals, as this is a leap year!
But who was the REAL St Valentine? We have the story!
And finally something from the PRAISE archive. On Sunday 1st August 1999, a very special service was held at Trinity Methodist Church at Rosemount in Douglas. It was led by Revered Kenneth Elworthy, minister of Trinity at the time, and it was to celebrate the 100th birthday of Reverend Leonard Duchars. His daughter-in-law Pam Duchars played the organ and directed the choir, Reverend Leonard's sons and grandchildren gave the readings, and Reverend Leonard himself preached the sermon. We end this week's programme with the hymn which summed up Revered Leonard's long years in ministry - All For Jesus! - mixed with some inspiring words from the sermon - well worth a listen! Music this week is from Marilyn Baker, Margaret Rizza and the Choir of The King's School, Canterbury