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Today at The Guild - 30 April 2019

X Today at the Guild

Tuesday, 30 April 2019 - 59 minutes

More great performances from the 2019 Manx Music Festival - Erin Loach (runner up, Folk Song Class for up to age 18): John Qualtrough (Winner - Lieder Class): Kendra Metcalfe and Joshua Mooney (Winners of the NEW Duet Class for 8 - 11 year olds): Lucy Morris (Winner - Girls Solo Singing Class JS4 for 5 and 6 year olds): All the girls of Class JS4 singing together: Deborah Taubman (Winner - Adult Folk Song Class - 'Fare Thee Well'): Jack McLean (Winner - Piano playing from memory): John Riley and Gareth Moore (Winners - Piano Duet Class - Original Rags by Scott Joplin): Hazel and Angela Stewart (Winners - Ladies Voice Duet Class - Golden Slumbers): Graham Crowe and Neil Crowe (Winners - Male Voice Duet - Ave Verum by Karl Jenkins): The 3 Monas (Winners - Any Voice Trio Class - It Don't Mean A Thing) : Only Sisters Aloud (Winners - Class for a Quartet of Sopranos and Altos - What If I Never Speed): Karen Elliott and Matthew Quinn (Winners - Mixed Voice Duet Class - Bess, you is my woman from Porgy and Bess) : The Dhoon School (Winners of both the Music Making Class for up to 11 year olds and Instrumental Small Ensemble Class up to age 11 - Three Little Boats)

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