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Changes to employee rights

The right of employees in the Isle of Man to receive details of their terms and conditions of employment will be strengthened from the start of next month.

The change relates to the current right of workers to receive a written statement from their employer, setting out their terms and conditions.

The Department of Trade and Industry says the written statement is one of the most important documents in an employee’s working life. A central purpose of the statement is to let both employers and employees be in no doubt as to the terms which both parties have agreed and to avoid any misunderstandings or disagreements at a later date.

Employers already have a legal duty to provide employees (including part-time employees) with a written statement within four weeks of their starting employment and to update changes.

From December 1 employees who have not been issued with particulars and who have made a written request which the employer has not dealt with within two weeks, may be awarded up to four weeks’ pay by the Employment Tribunal. There are other instances where the tribunal can order an employer to pay a fine, and full details are available from the DTI's website.

(Picture: A composite image from the DTI's website).

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